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Insurance Loss and Claim Adjuster Services | Fulmar Consulting

Insurance Loss and Claim Adjuster Services

From loss adjusting and pre-risk surveying to claims management, presentation and auditing, our clients include private individuals and some of the largest and best-known insurers and corporates globally. Can we help you too?

Loss Adjusting

All the expert help you need to assess a claim’s validity right through to negotiating the best possible settlement.


TPA and Claims Management

Expert advice, third party administration and claims handling for racing claims, commercial, motor, equine, livestock, bloodstock, property and Ultra High Net Worth clients.


Claims Presentation

Representing clients in cases ranging from major commercial losses through to domestic claims for Ultra High Net Worth individuals.


Risk Management and Surveying

Helping Insurers, Lloyds Underwriters and other clients make informed decisions that help them manage and mitigate risk.


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